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Our Materials

Our main objective is to work with eco-friendly and/or biodegradable materials such as cotton and viscose. We are convinced in creating garments with fibers that generate little environmental impact and create awareness through them. We believe in the future and we want our products to leave no traces in our nature. All our garments are polyester free, we want our clients to feel free in our garments. Natural and artificial fibers are cool, comfortable and do not retain heat.

Our Packaging

All datumamore orders are packed in a recycled cotton envelope. In this way it can be recycled and reused if the client wishes.

Our production

We are a company that creates and produces limited collections of few pieces to fight Fast Fashion. We produce 3 collections a year of 60 garments with unique and limited drawings. Our production is local, we work with national companies to minimize carbon and gasoline footprints, we believe in creating and building a better country by supporting national companies.




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