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Meet Cristina Cabarcos

datumamore Cristina Cabarcos

What do you do for a living?

I'm a public relations specialist with a focus on fashion, currently based in Bogotá, Colombia, soon relocating to Milan, Italy. I am also the co-founder of LATINNESS, a platform dedicated to showcasing Latin American creatives, in collaboration with Kelly Talamas.

Describe the Latina woman with 3 adjectives: Cheerful, hard-working, and resilient (Berraca)

We understand that you have worked for Chanel for several years. How has this experience influenced your life and professional career?

Having the opportunity to build my career at Chanel, one of the most coveted luxury brands to work for, was a stroke of luck. It served as an invaluable learning experience that honed my understanding of luxury, which I apply daily in event production. Additionally, I am grateful for the connections I established with talented Latin American creators during my time there, maintaining close relationships with them to this day.

What is your favorite city in Latin America and why?

I love vibrant and bustling cities like Bogotá, the birthplace of designers and creatives. It has been my home for the past ten years, and I consider myself fortunate to have lived here.

In your LATINNESS project, how do you celebrate the diversity, nuances, and mysteries of our culture? What challenges do you face when communicating and sharing your project?

LATINNESS is an incredible project that I am working on alongside Kelly Talamas. Currently, we are encountering growth challenges, including expanding our team to take our project to the next level. We would love to feature more individuals, but due to space and time constraints, we must carefully select the projects we showcase on our website.

What is your favorite piece from datumAmore?

I adore datumAmore's prints, and I love how their pieces are convenient and make it easy to look polished without worrying about matching outfits, especially on busy days. My favorite pieces are the ANDRE total look.

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