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Meet Loren Barake



What do you do for a living?

To promote Colombian talent on a global scale!

Can you describe the Latina woman using three adjectives?

I would say empowered, charismatic, and attractive.

You studied fashion in Paris, specialized in Florence, and speak four languages. How does this experience impact your work and career projects?

My experiences and skills have greatly influenced my work in the fashion industry, allowing me to establish valuable connections and showcase my unique qualities.

You have worked for BFW, how would you define the style of Colombia's capital, Bogotá? The women in Bogotá have a style that's both relaxed, sophisticated and modest, all at the same time.

 What is your favorite item from datumAmore? I absolutely adore garments with vibrant prints! My favorite look is the SONNY Total look.

You have both Colombian and Italian heritage. When do you feel most connected to your Latin roots?

I always feel deeply connected to my Latin roots, and I embrace and celebrate my heritage through my personal style and character.

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