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Meet Magda de Triana



What do you do?

I am an empirical restorer and interior designer. In my spare time I am an artist and a grandmother.


What is fashion for you?

And how do you describe your style? Fashion is a style that makes people shine. My style is simple with taste


What is your favorite garment from datumAmore

My favorite is the Grace Emerald Dress


 Describe the modern Latina woman with 3 adjectives Enterprising, Diligent, good human beings


We know that you are a great interior designer, your houses are full of Art, textures and colors. Where do you get inspiration from to create your environments? From everywhere, From my trips above all is where I get great inspiration to create spaces 


Your favorite place in the whole world? Paris is my favorite city but my secret is Via Vicenzo Monti in Milan

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